Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Artifact for Rise fitness gym.

Justin and I decided to work on the commercial and it actually proved to be more difficult than we thought. We had to think of a way to make a commercial about physical disability that didn't feel like an Ad. 'Rise fitness gym' isn't actually real, but physical disability is.
in the beginning we talked about filming fantastical scenarios, very rocky montage workout type stuff. Eventually we had to step back and tell ourselves to be carful with the material and keep in mind about the audience.
So we kept it simple. We gave it an interview feel, neither Justin or I have a physical disability so it was important to me to portray the person seriously. So I was just myself. I didn't want to generalize it too much where it felt like a statistic and I didn't want to be too specific to exclude some of our audience, but mostly I didn't want to make it seem fake.

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